In the dynamic and competitive world in which we live in, our mission at Fresno Body Works is to lead our industry in innovation - good ideas that change the way we do our business. That is the only sure way to maintain the competitive edge, to accomplish day in and day out, year in and year out, our commitments to customers, insurers, employees and the Company.

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Open Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 5:15pm

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to express my gratitude on the service you provided me. Your entire office has an outstanding attitude and is very personable as well as professional."

B.R., Fresno, CA

"I believe I got the car back in better condition than it was before the accident."

S.J., Fresno, CA

"You and your staff were very accommodating to me and very pleasant to work with."

K.G., Fresno, CA

"I just want to thank you all for the excellent work on my vehicle. Also, much appreciation for the kindness from your employees that have helped me."

T.E., Fresno, CA

"The repairs far exceeded my expectations and restored the car back to its original condition."

J.P., Fresno, CA

"I definitely will refer family and friends to your business."

B.G., Fresno, CA

“The only place to take your car is Fresno Body Works."

A.J., Fresno, CA