Estimating for Auto Body Repair in Fresno Ca.

At Fresno Body Works, we offer comprehensive collision repair services for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and Fleet Vehicles. We understand that the time following an automobile accident is both stressful and confusing. Therefore, we offer auto body estimating services to our Fresno clients in order to help make your repair process as simple as possible. With several convenient ways to receive your auto body estimate including in person at our auto body shops or online. We are a preferred auto body repair shop for many insurance companies, allowing our company to make your repairs in a manner that is as quick and hassle free as possible. If you are interested in a free auto body estimate from, Fresno Body Works in Fresno and Clovis contact us or fill out a request online and one of our estimators will contact you.

Auto Body Repair Estimating Process: How It Works:

After an accident, your insurance company will ask you where you would like to have your vehicle repaired, this is entirely your choice. Your concern would be to have it restored to its pre-accident condition. At Fresno Body Works, we offer free estimating services in order to help initiate your repair process. We recognize that the repair process can be confusing since it is not something the average person encounters every day, and so we have provided the following information to help explain the auto body estimating process to our customers.

Repair Estimates in Our Fresno & Clovis Locations:

If you would like a free estimate for your collision repair services, you can receive an in-person estimate at our Fresno & Clovis Locations. Feel free to call and make an appointment (559) 298-8068 to speak to one of our skilled estimators for a quick estimate. In-person auto body repair estimates vary in length due to the extent of the damage. However, your estimating process should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. If you are short on time, you are welcome to drop off your car and return later to pick it up with your repair estimate complete.

During your in-person free auto body estimate, one of our skilled estimators will examine all of the damage to your vehicle. They will then input this information into our computers and provide you with your complete repair estimate.

Other Auto Body Repair Estimating Issues:

Another common concern during the estimating process is whether our repair shops will work with your insurance company directly or if you will need to communicate with the insurance company regarding repairs. We work with all insurance companies and offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. As a preferred repair shop for many popular insurance companies, Fresno Body Works will work directly with the insurance company through what is called a Direct Repair Program. In this program, we speed up the process by eliminating time spent waiting for the insurance company’s adjuster prior to beginning the repair process. If you would like to know more, contact us today.

A final concern that we frequently encounter when providing auto body repair estimates in Fresno is whether all repairs will be covered by a customer’s insurance company. All of the repairs that are directly related to the particular accident that we are repairing will be covered by your insurance company. Any additional repairs to existing damage prior to your recent accident will not be covered by your insurance company. However, if you would like a second estimate for additional repairs to your car, truck, or SUV, please let our estimator know during the estimating process.

Vehicles We Service & Repair

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  • Ford
  • Oldsmobile
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • Infiniti
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